• Condominio

    “This concept wants to express a situation where the observer loses accuracy of their shape in favor of the aura, of their inconsistency. Up-close they are polychrome and sometimes mirrored. Some yellow, black, orange, gold, with informal surfaces or with geometric grids… Any of them is a mandala… maybe more than one. Others seem to be made under hypnosis…These plastic nests are like exercises, they take place under my mental fixity, elaborating circular ideas, they are a kind of time and place loss of our memory, rhythmic and repetitive. They are a monotonous act of dedication to the unknown, a collection of gestures, a collection of thoughts of endless memories and fragments. All these nests of the building, all these signs, all these brush strokes will be part of an anonymous multitude of more or less significant objects. The motivation of the painting is not in its efficiency, its reality is all in the care with which it is processed.”

    Materials and Processing:

    Milled cut methacrylate and PVC, assembled by glue and cladded with printed PVC film