• “When it came to define a shape we started thinking about the functional necessities of birds: assure that the food didn’t get wet with rain or snow and that the birds could feel protected and calm while they eat. This led us to start with a wide and generous roof. You can fix different sort of seed balls to attract different kind of birds and adapt to the kind of birds you’ll have in your environment. Another important point was to avoid birds walking inside the bird feeder so the food stays clean and healthy. For this reason, we wanted a light structure where birds could stand easily while allowing people to have the pleasure to observe several birds at the same time. Formally speaking it was important to us that the birdfeeder to adapt aesthetically to a variety of urban and natural contexts. Our design aims to synthesize all these factors into a graphic sign that contrasts with and enhances natural or architectural environments.”

    Materials and Processing:

    Bent, welded and painted metal

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